Welcome to the Springfield Police
Benevolent & Protective Association!

PB&PA Unit #5 is the sole and exclusive bargaining unit for all sworn officers employed with the Springfield Police Department. The purpose and objective of the association is:

  • to foster and encourage its members to attain a high degree of skill and efficiency in police work,
  • to elevate the standards of police departments by urging the elimination of politics from their conduct,
  • to cultivate friendship and create a more complete cooperation and thorough coordination by and between the many police officers and police departments in the various cities, towns and villages in the State of Illinois,
  • to promote the general welfare of its members by honorable and legislative means,
  • to uphold and defend the Constitution and By-Laws of the State Association.

In addition to services offered to members, the PB&PA Unit #5 also holds various fundraising events throughout the year. All of the funds raised during these events are given back to the community through donations to local charities, organizations and families in need. Each year, Unit #5 contributes several thousand dollars to the Springfield community through donations and sponsorship of various programs.

Cops, Kids, and Christmas Raffle


PBPA #5 Bylaws
The revised (July 2021) bylaws are now available in the Members Only area.


In Recognition of our Members